A warm welcome to the website of Bierbrasserie Cambrinus.

Bierbrasserie Cambrinus is located in the heart of the beautiful historic and touristic city of Bruges, just around the corner of the Grote Markt in the Philipstockstraat at No. 19.
Our tavern offers a large selection of Belgian beers, with a total of more than 400 different kinds of beer.
While enjoying your beer, you can also order from our delectable cuisine.

Hence, great care has been put into providing a rich gourmet beer kitchen.

The History of Cambrinus – The King of Beer
Cambrinus, often mentioned in the songs of students, is known as the King of Beer in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as in other European countries.
In this historical building, built in 1699, Cambrinus has been portrayed twice. First as a statue, sitting on a large beer keg with a foaming beer mug in his hand on the corner of the facade of the building. The second time Cambrinus has been etched into a beautiful window, on the side of the building, accompanied by a woman.
Throughout history Cambrinus has often been labeled as John I Primus, Duke of Brabant. The stories go that he invented the Faro and Lambic beers from Brussels. In any case, he is a legendary king, seen by many people as the inventor of beer.
A German tribe, known as the “Gambrivii”, already mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus, is also said to be at the root of the name. A different version tells the story that he was the lord of Cambrai (in modern day France, but historically a part of Flanders, known as “Kamerijk”) and that Cambrinus was the Latin version of his title.


  • NessieNoo Avatar

    4 star rating Great place We always eat and drink in Cambrinus several times on a trip to Bruges. Service is pretty good when they are busy and the beer taster is superb value. Food is good and it is dog friendly too.

    NessieNoo 04/01/20
  • BeerWarrior Avatar

    4 star rating Great evening Quite a popular restaurant as I had to book a day in advance.Really enjoyed my food and the atmosphere.Love to come back again.

    BeerWarrior 17/12/19
  • AlexMa1981 Avatar

    5 star rating Great for a quick pub grub Very busy place! Pleasant staff and fast moving. We Sat at the bar waited for a table to become available around 15mins. We ordered half a chicken and local beef stew and some local beer, leffe noel. Food great and came out fast. We were in and out within 30mins.

    AlexMa1981 17/12/19
  • Discover374694 Avatar

    5 star rating Beer Our first stop on our Beer tour of Bruges didn’t disappoint, excellent and extensive Beer menu. Great atmosphere and fantastic bar and surroundings

    Discover374694 12/03/20


  • Excellent food. Service not at the same level with the food served, inspite that I recommend the place.

    Octavian Avatar

    Fantastic selection of beers. Great service but very difficult to get a seat if you are trying to eat there. Book ahead as their meal prices are 'very good' compared to most in Brugge.

    Joanis Avatar

    Great food! Good local beers! Service could be improved. Would visit again.

    Larissa Avatar
  • They worked as a team to ensure a good customer experience. It's obviously a well managed restaurant . The food was excellent, our only disappointment is they ran out of their signature beer, not only on tap but bottle too

    Gary Avatar

    Although initially we were a bit taken back by the attitude, we very much enjoyed the atmosphere, the excellent food and one of the best beers we've ever drunk. We actually took some with us! Highly recommended 😉

    George Avatar

    Toffe locatie! Best wel reserveren. Ideale plek om nieuwe biertjes te proeven (400 soorten) Heerlijk gegeten! De lekkerste kaaskroketjes (met witloof en ham) gegeten ooit! ���

    Cindy Avatar


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