SINCE 1699


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Таверна Bierbrasserie Cambrinus расположена в самом центре красивого исторического и туристического города Брюгге, всего в двух шагах от площади Гроте Маркт, по адресу Philipstockstraat, 19.

Наша таверна предлагает большой выбор бельгийского пива, в общей сложности более 400 различных сортов пива.
К своему пиву вы также можете заказать у нас блюда изысканной кухни.

Мы потратили много усилий на разработку меню разнообразных блюд для гурманов к пиву.





Pumpkinsoup with smoked halibut  € 8.95

Scallops, crumble of Black Pudding with Butternutcrème
€ 17.95/23.95

Salad of smoked salmon, halibut and orange  € 17.95

Carpaccio of Bresaola with tarragon mayonnaise
€ 17.95


Farmer sausage with vegetables and potatomash € 17.95

Pheasant creamy € 29.95

Lambstew with Leffe brown € 23.50

Wild Boar stew € 23.50

Gratin of chicken and pumpkin with coconut cream € 18.95


Coupe chocolat ice cream, nuts and caramel € 7.95

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream € 8.50

Tower with spiced cookies, pear and vanilla ice cream € 8.50


Flemish Onion Soup with “Oud Brugge” Cheese and Beer “Brugse Zot”
€ 7.75

Tomato Cream Soup with small Meat Balls
€ 7.50

Fish Soup with “Rouille” (Spicy Garlic Sauce) and Garlic Bread
€ 10.50

Trappist Cheese Croquettes
€ 11.95

“Seabruges” Shrimp Croquettes with fried Parsley
€ 14.95

Beef Carpaccio with Balsamico Vinegar and Parmesan Cheese shreds
€ 16.95

Fried Scampi’s with Garlic Butter
€ 14.95

Fresh Salad with a Goatcheese with spiced Bread, Bacon and a Raspberry Vinaigrette € 11.95/ € 16.95

Smoked Duck Breast served with a Honey Dressing
€ 13.75

Grilled Shrimps with Garlic Butter
€ 14.95

Main Courses

Flemish Carbonades prepared with “Gulden Draak” Beer, served with Applesauce
€ 18.95

Sliced Chicken with Mushrooms, Silver Onions and Bacon with “Flemish Old Brown” Beer
€ 18.50

½ Chicken with Salad and fresh Fries
€ 16.95

Rabbit with Prunes prepared with our Housebeer “Gambrivinus”
served with fried Potatoe Croquettes
€ 20.95

Fish Stew with Salmon, Sole filets, North Sea Shrimps and Beer “Brugse zot”
€ 19.95

Filets of Sole with Tartar Sauce and fresh Fries
€ 22.95

Irish ‘Rib-eye’ with Garlic Butter and French Fries
€ 24.95

Grilled T-Bone Steak with an Assortiment of fresh Vegetables, Sauce by Choice (2 pers)
€ 51.90

Steak Tartare of Beef with French Fries
€ 20.95

Grilled Steak “Natural way”
€ 20.00

Grilled Steak “Cambrinus” (spicy Tomato Sauce) / Mushrooms / 3 Peppers
€ 22.50

Fresh Béarnaise Sauce
€ 23.50


Crème Brûlée — ‘Ename dubbel’
€ 7.95

Dame Blanche – Hot Chocolat Sauce
€ 7.95

€ 7.95

Irish Coffee
€ 8.00

Menu of the Brewers
€ 29.95

Trappist Cheese Croquettes


Flemish Carbonades prepared with “Gulden Draak” Beer, served with Applesauce


Crème Brûlée perfumed with the dark Abbey Beer of Ename


Menu Cambrinus
€ 34.95

Oven roasted Scallops with Duxelle Cream Sauce


Norwegian Codfish with Asparagus, Peas and Baby Potatoes


White Chocolate Cake with Cherries